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General Tips

Here are few things you can take into consideration.

The state of California requires a contractor's license to perform any job of $500 or more. To protect your investment, always check the company you choose on the following website

When you buy a new unit, it is very important to read the manufacture's manual before you use it. In case you do not have it, you can call the manufacture and give them your model number with the serial number. Your manufacturer will send a new manual.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are now required. Ask your building or fire department for recommendations. Many homes have battery powered detectors; for the best protection install hardwired detectors that have battery backup. You should test your smoke detector every month. Detectors are inexpensive, and can save you and your family's lives.

Your furnace and air conditioning have separate circuit breaker switches.

You need to know the place for your main service panel and sub panel. It is recommended to label each circuit breaker.

Household members should know three things in case of emergency:
1) Location of the main water valve
2) Location of the gas meter valve
3) Location of the main electrical panel/sub-panel service

The air filter for your furnace /air conditioner should be changed at least twice a year. It is recommended to do this before winter and before summer, or more often depending on the situation.

The condensing furnace has a drain; it should be cleaned once a year to avoid water leaks or problems with the unit.

The air conditioning unit has a drain pipe. To prevent leaks, it is recommended to have it professionally cleaned once a year. Safety devices can be installed in the unit to prevent water leaks.

If a water heater is leaking, follow the manufacturer's instructions or try this:
1) close the gas shut off valve (it is next the water heater)
2) close the cold water valve
3) call us to repair it

*After you close the cold water valve in your water heater, you still have cold water in your house.

Outdoor air conditioning condensers must have clearance to work properly.

Do not use water heater, furnace, or dryer rooms for storage.

Do not block furnace /air conditioners registers or grills with furniture.

Flush tank and tankless water heaters at least once a year. This will remove sediment.

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